This is the island's southern landing place, set in a picturesque inlet at the foot of Mount Solaro.
The small village faces Marina di Pennaulo to the east and Marina di Mulo to the west.
Until the late 19th century it consisted of a small group of fishermen's houses overlooking two small pebble beaches close to an ancient landing place of Roman origin and the famous "Scoglio delle Sirene", dedicated to the popular belief in the mythical enchantresses. At the beginning of the 20th century, this spot was painting by many foreign artists, whose pictures are on display in museums all over the world.
Since the end of the first world war, it has developed considerably thanks to the appeal of its ideal position for seaside tourism.

From Piazzetta Martiri d'Ungheria, by public bus or taxi (10 mins.). On foot, follow the short cut along Via Mulo, which starts at the end of Via Roma and comes out at the sea with a series of steps (20 mins.).