This road was the idea of German steel industrialist A.F. Krupp, who to this end purchased the "Fondo Certosa" (Certosa Estate), where part of the Gradens of Augustus are located.
The road, which was built in 1902 on a project by Emilio Mayer, starts here and characteristically zig-zags its way to Marina Piccola.
According to architect R. Pane, it proves "that even a road can be a work of art, not just metaphorically speaking, but in the true aesthetic meaning of the world".

How to reach
From Piazza Umberto I, walk along Via V. Emanuele, Via F. Serena and Via Matteotti (15 mins.).

Giardini di Augusto
Opening time

Opening time in winter
From 22.10.19

Entrance fee: Euro 1.00
For children with less than 12 years and residents in Capri and Anacapri admission is always free.

Integrated ticket Carthusian Monastery-Gardens of Augustus: Euro 5,00

Via Krupp