At the moment the excursions to the Castello Barbarossa are canceled

This romantic and enchanting castle, the ruins of which rise over the cliffs to the north-east of Anacapri amidst a gentle Mediterranean maquis, owes its name to the most fearful invasion suffered by the island in 1535 at the hands of Algerian pirate Kair-ed-Din nicknamed "Barbarossa".
It is probably the largest fortification of Byzantine times. It was built with material taken from Roman constructions. Today, apart from the ruins, only the central nucleus of the castle remains.
In some rooms, a small ornithological research and observation centre has been set up, which is run by the Swedish "Axel Munthe" Foundation.
This is an interesting visit from a botanical angle, too.

Villa San Michele
Viale Axel Munthe 34
80071 Anacapri
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