S. Ann's Church, the parish church in Capri until 1595 was subsequently united to the current ex Cathedral of S. Stephen, where the registers of the epoch are preserved.
Its façade, that is closed by a sail bell tower, is a remake of the 1600 version after the small access pronaos collapsed.
The inclination, compared to the level of the church, is probably due to a more ancient pre-existing building such as the sacristy and the foundations presumably date back further than the actual church.
The church, formally S. Maria delle Grazie, of S. Peter and Paul in Calcara and St. Andrew's in Portula dates back to the XII century and the Byzantine shapes can clearly be seen in the three extra-high apses which are not present in traditional Latin basilicas.
According to Pane, "this church is the only surviving building in Capri which give the immediate impression of that which must have bee the humble settlements among the ruins of the imperial abodes in the first centuries of Christianity."

How to get there
From Piazza Umberto I, take Via Le Botteghe, then turn left into Via Madonna delle Grazie or, from Piazza Umberto I, take Via Longano then Via Listrieri (5 min.).

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