This church was built in 1685 in the place where the eponymous Benedectine monastery dating to 580 A.D. stood. Based on a project by architect Francesco Antonio Picchiatti, the work was re-interpreted and executed by Amalfitan master mason Marziale Aniello Desiderio, to whom we owe the harmonious blending of the domes and extradosed vaults of the lateral chapels. Inside, the Chapel of Christ Crucified is of great interest.
It is here that the tombs of the Arcucci family are preserved, which were moved from the Carthusian monastery after 1810, and also the tomb of God's servant Mother Serafina.
The flooring of the high altar was made with multi-coloured marble taken from Villa Jovis.

How to reach
From Piazza Umberto I, climbing up a flight of steps leading to Piazzetta Ignazio Cerio.