The church rises above the ruins of Villa Jovis and its shape shows clear elements of typical houses in Capri, characterized by architectural simplicity, it has a large alter dedicated to the Virgin Mary with wonderful cloth paintings and a confessional box.
The current day sacristy used to be the abode of the hermit that was the custodian. The church probably existed as far back as 1570 as Fabio Giordano, in his manuscript spoke of what is today called Mount Tiberio as "collis S. Leopardi et beatissime Marie."
St. Leonard's Church seems to have been located near the lighthouse of the villa.
In the area which was once the view point for the imperial villa, a stele was erected with a bronze statue of the Virgin Mary, that replaced the former version which was struck by lightning during a stormy night.
Church services and events are held here to celebrate the nativity of the Virgin Mary.

How to get there
From Piazza Umberto I, take Via Longano, Via Sopramonte, Via Croce, Via Tiberio and Via A. Maiuri or, from Piazza Umberto I, Via Le Botteghe, Fuorlovado, Croce, Tiberio and A. Maiuri (45 mins.).