The church of the Cross (St. Michael of the Cross) takes its name, together with the entire region, from the large cross that is found on the impending hill.
The architectural elements of this little church give evidence of a long sequence of construction epochs which are accordingly easily recognizable.
The original building dates back to the beginning of the XII century and was dedicated to S. Mary the Helper, probably due to its proximity to the cave of S. Michael, used as a hiding place during pirate excursions.
During the English occupation in 1806, the church was used as a depot for gun powder because of its location near a "fort" built on the mountain.
The cult of St. Michael the Archangel was transferred in 1803 to this church from the older church in Cesina.

How to get there
From Piazza Umberto I, take Via Longano and Via Sopramonte or, from Piazza Umberto I, take Via Le Botteghe, Via Fuorlovado and Via Croce (15 min.).