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March: 9.00-16.30
April: 9.00-17.00
May-September: 9.00-18.00
October: 9.00-17.00
November-February: 9.00-15.30

December-February closed on Monday

EUR 10,00

Reservation: e-mail: - Ph.: 0818371401

How to get there
From Anacapri, Piazza Vittoria, along Viale Axel Munthe (5 minutes).

Villa San Michele
Viale Axel Munthe 34
80071 Anacapri
Tel. +39 0818371401
Fax +39 0818373279

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St. Michael is a Swedish cultural institution with its headquarters on the isle of Capri and, further to the Villa St. Michael it also includes a museum surrounded by a garden of rare beauty, a group of lodgings for Swedish writers, artists, scientists and researchers, further to a natural park "Mount Barbarossa " for the protection of migratory birds and Mediterranean vegetation.

St. Michael was created by Axel Munthe. Axel Munthe was still a young physician when he decided to realize his dreams and ambitions by settling down in a house in Anacapri, and later become famous all over the world thanks to his book "The History of St. Michael."

Physician by profession, Axel Munthe owes his fame nevertheless to his activity as an author. He received numerous recognitions also for his culture in art, philanthropy and for his friendship with animals. Munthe had many interests and was often a precursor. Although he was born and died in Sweden, he had an extremely international personality. He spent in fact most of his life abroad and his works belong to the whole of humanity. This can be seen, for example, in the 45 translations of "The History of St. Michael" and the non-stop flow of visitors to Villa St. Michael.
Except for brief intervals, Axel Munthe lived in Capri for over 56 years. His love for the pleasant island located in the Gulf in Naples coincided with the consolidation of the fame of this holiday resort which was a favourite of many important people all over the world. He shared his passion for music, nature and animals with Queen Victoria of Sweden, who spent long periods in Capri for health reasons.

In order to protect the migratory birds in Capri, that at that time risked extermination due to indiscriminate hunting, Axel Munthe decided to buy the land consisting in Mount Barbarossa so he could offer a protected zone to the migratory birds; he firmly believed in fact that Capri was like a concert for all bird lovers. Music, after all, was the topic of so many evenings together in the company of the Queen of Sweden, who accompanied on the piano, the beautiful baritone voice of Axel Munthe, who also knew how to play the violin and the piano.