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Luxuriant, extraordinary, and such a mild climate.
Capri is a Mediterranean island of calcareous origin that has been visited over the centuries by intellectuals, artists and writers, all enthralled by its magical beauty. A mix of history, nature, worldliness, culture and events that daily blend together and bring the Legend of Capri to life; a legend that sees no comparison anywhere in the world.


Le Conversazioni 2014

Capri, Punta Tragara Terrace 26 june - 6 july International literature festival Official web site: www.leconversazioni.it

Biagio Agnes Award

Capri, Certosa di San Giacomo 20-22 June 2014 Official web site: www.premiobiagioagnes.it

Invasione digitale in Anacapri - #invasionidigitali

26 april, 9.30 a.m. Guided tour of the Villa San Michele, Castello Barbarossa and Casa Rossa Museum. Meeting-point: Villa San Michele (Axel...

Rolex Capri Sailing Week For Maxi and Mini-Maxi yachts 52 Super Series event for TP52s and Wild Card IRC52s

May 18-24, 2014 Sunday May 18th Welcome from Capri Mayor at "Comune di Capri", Piazzetta di Capri To follow: Opening Reception at...

Arco Naturale - Pizzolungo

This bold Arch is what remains of a large grotto that penetrated the mountain. The waves of the sea extended its aperture and wasched away its...


This charming, panoramic road leads to the eponymous Belvedere and the Faraglioni lower down. Memories of the Greek colonisation survive in the...

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