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Luxuriant, extraordinary, and such a mild climate.
Capri is a Mediterranean island of calcareous origin that has been visited over the centuries by intellectuals, artists and writers, all enthralled by its magical beauty. A mix of history, nature, worldliness, culture and events that daily blend together and bring the Legend of Capri to life; a legend that sees no comparison anywhere in the world.


Villa San Michele and the Axel Munthe Museum

St. Michael is a Swedish cultural institution with its headquarters on the isle of Capri and, further to the Villa St. Michael it also includes a museum...

Arco Naturale - Pizzolungo

This bold Arch is what remains of a large grotto that penetrated the mountain. The waves of the sea extended its aperture and wasched away its debris....

Punta Carena and Faro (Lighthouse)

A seaside resort and landing place, this picturesque inlet situated to the west of the island, is set in a typically Mediterranean landscape. The lighthouse,...

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Yacht Capri - Agosto 2018

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Yacht Capri - 03/07/2018

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