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Campania Tourism Established by the Regional Law no. 18 of 8 August 2014

"Organization of the Tourism System in the Region of Campania"
With Resolution no. 683 of 30 December 2019, the Regional Council has ordered the conclusion of all institutional activities, as well as the closure of the liquidation phase of the provincial tourism offices and independent bodies dedicated to tourism and hospitality in Campania, and their consequent extinction on 31 December 2019.

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Arco Naturale - Pizzolungo

This bold Arch is what remains of a large grotto that penetrated the mountain. The waves of the sea extended its aperture and wasched away its debris....

La Migliera

The current road retraces the ancient route of the Roman road which from Capodimonte, the limit of the Graeco-Roman staircase, crossed the higher part...

The Path of Forts in Anacapri

On the West coast of the island is an extraordinarily beautiful and long route which is rich in the intense smells and colours of Mediterranean shrubland. Set...

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