Capri,an enchanting isle,shimmers from the sun,the cool wind, the open sea,the blue sky and the rocky shore of 17 Km, wich surrounds the isle.The luminosity of the Blue Grotto and the fine dynamics and poetic view charmed roman emperors,artists,men of letters,famous people and stars of the American films.The isle is always alive, fresh,sophisticated and cosmopolitan,well-known as the vacation island.Where people expect holidays of extreme elegance.
Its development was not based on the usual principle of economy,but the inhabitans’complete love and respect for the history and the isle’s traditions.It is read in the expression of the face of each inhabitant of Capri.The history of 400 thousand years,the numerous legends and artists following Capri tradition present the different attractions.

P.104 Capri Palace Hotel & Spa
The luxurious space loved by famous people.

Capri Palace is a five star “deluxe” hotel, situated in a quiet and peaceful area.
It was a noble familys’villa with mediterranean style structure.
The elegant living room,decorated with ancient objects of the 16 th century, creates a special atmosphere.The guests always find a new look in the hotel thanks to the constant effort of the hotel’s efforts to improve the confort and the service.The 82 rooms are quite particular and the hotel offers service which satisfies any request of the guests.The Artemide’s room is elegant and graceful,with a wonderful view of the Gulf of Naples.
Capri Palace is well known also for its program of particular treatments at the Capri Beauty Farm:the staff consists of experts,creating ideal individual programs like “anti aging therapy”, “TalassoTerapy” etc.It is possible to charter a private helicopter,or to rent a motoboat for transfers and trips aroud the isle.The restaurant “L’Olivo” and the chef Antonello Coronna serve delicious dishes which satisfy The Epicureans of the world.Open-air dining represents the resort style of the isle.

P. 106 Grand Hotel Quisisana.
English style villa, loved by Hemingway and Sattle.

It was built in 1845 by the English doctor George Clark and is now a symbol of Capri.
The “Quisi Bar”offers a quite and elegant space for celebrities.
The “Quisisana Terrace Bar” is the place for enjoying the open air and people watching.
Lots of artists and writers such as Hemingway and Sattle used to love the sophisticated and cultural atmosphere of this hotel, which has kept in step with the development of the isle.
The sweet incentive of this hotel must have certainly contributed to the birth of great works of the two writers.

P.107 Villa San Michele.
Place of the ambitious man

Axel Munthe was a Swedish doctor,a writer,naturalist,philanthropist and antique collector.
His novel “The Story of Saint Michele”,published in 1929,was a best-seller all over the world.
Munthe visited Capri in1876 for the first time and was soon bewitched by Capri for its natural beauty. After his success in his career in Naples and Rome as a doctor, Munthe built the villa full of light with the great view of the gulf of Naples. The villa was also frequented by the Swedish queen.
Munthe’s life was dramatic,but was solitary too,due to his complex character:on one hand he gave economic assistance to the poor,and on the other he collected many expensive antique objects. When he became blind,Munthe left the villa to Sweden and now it’s open to the public as Axel Munthe Foundation.The Villa,as well as Munthe’s novel, is still loved by all the world.

P.108 Proud successors of tradition
The Portico
Creator without limits of aesthetic space.

The owner Annamaria Colonato,with three generations of experience and knowledge of the antique trade,carries out the business of antique trading on an international scale.
She says that beauty strikes us and decoration is not enough for aesthetic space, but it’s necessary to pull the beauty out from the inside and to spread it throughout the isle.
The Antique Trade also plays a very important role.Lots of stylists and stars like Armani,Ferrè and Tom Cruise esteem the spaces that she created in their homes.

The perfume loved throughout the centuries.

There is a legend about the flower dedicated to the Queen Giovanna of the Angevin Dynasty,that became the first perfume of the isle.In fact the perfume factory was born in 1948 and became famous with the name“Carthusia”.Its perfume is made according to an original recipe with ingredient of flowers and herbs of Capri. The Carthusia’s owner, Silvio Ruocco says that real beauty is classic and simple and feels a deep happiness when people remember Capri by smelling the Carthusia perfume.

P.109 Puttini
For a gift to a special person.

The business began from a cameo that Antonella gave to her mother.
After it, the jewels created by the Puttini family became famous and unique in the world as works of art,and for their quality. The origin of cameo dates back to the 4th century B.C.,and has always been loved in the world. The cameo,that Angela Puttini takes with her, was given by her mother,who died 2 years ago,so Angela feels to be always protected by her mother.
She hopes that the Puttini’s jewels can bring back nice memories for all those who wear them.

Raku Capri
Delight of the life with artistic objects.
Raku Capri offers the works created by young artists who aim for a new movement of italian design,based on traditional techniques but aimed at a modern form. The store is a contemporary art gallery. It has collections of artists such as Iwan Byu,director of Arcade,and Lora de Santirana, whose grandfather was an artist who created with glass,etc.
Sara Aprea,the owner and ceramic artist,was stricken by the simple form and Raku’s modernity, when she saw the ceramics exsibition at Faenza museum.
In Capri you can find a fusion of art and contact between the Italian design and the Japanese tradition.

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