by Albert Scholl

It would be difficult to board a ferry leaving the noisy port of Naples without daydreaming: of sun, good food, a glass of wine and “love”. Before you meet her, Capri’s famous silhouette, not unlike Henry Moore’s reversible sculpture, appears before you in the hazy light of the sun. All around you steep limestone rock surrounds the green gardens of villas and houses of those lucky enough to consider Capri their home. Your first impression is of Marina Grande’s busy port, where coloured fishing boats bob lazily on the waves next to expensive yachts and the employees of luxury hotel transport Louis Vuitton luggage on electric carts. The élite of finance loves Capri as do the masses. They arrive by train. Just a few steps and we reach the funicular railaway, the little train that carries everyone in a flash up the 142 metres to the centre of Capri, to the Piazzetta, the famous meeting place of global elegance and extravagance. The picturesque Piazza with its clock-tower, the Campanile, in the heart of Capri. Here, within a radius of 1200 metres the inhabitants hid from the pirates. In later years Russian immigrants and poets philosopied about God, the world in general, and the revolution. These days the little piazza is transformed every evening into a showplace of vanity. Once the masses have returned to Napoli everyone comes out to play his part: stars and starlets from the VIP hotels, the Quisisana and Scalinatella or the other 5 star hotels from Anacapri, the Capri Palace; rich mainland Italians emerge from their private villas joining those from the pensions and family-run hotels. The motto is: to see and to be seen.
Whiffs of a sensual cloud of perfume are wafted from the noisy croud: “Aria di Capri” or “Caprissimo”, creations of a firm called Carthusia, made (naturally) from local flowers and available in New York at the Takashimaya store on Fifth Avenue. Anyone who wants to konw what the latest fashion is has to sit for a while in one of the expensive Cafés of the Piazzetta and watch the show. Nearby Via Vittorio Emanuele, via Camerelle and Via Tragara can provide for your all needs, from the latest Fendi, Gucci and Armani, smart cashmere in pastel shades, worn in Italy tied casually around the waist, to the fantastic moccassins by J. P. Tod’s. If a marriage is in the offing spare a glance for the precious jewels in “Virginia”. A handmade bikini from “Susi’s” is a necessity, one must, after all, be presentable.
The exclusive temple of bathing on the island, “La Canzone del Mare” is a place where one certainly hopes to cut a fine figure. This is where high society stretches out in the sun, ordering iced drinks from uniformed waiters indulging in “Ravioli alla caprese” filled with cheese, fresh sea-food, “Torta caprese” and white Tiberio wine from nearby gourmet restaurants. Then there is the other side of Capri. It reveals itself in all its typical fantastic romanticism in the fields, shrubs and vineyards. There is no need for cars on the small island. You walk, or take a bus to all destinations: Capri and Anacapri, Marina Grande and the Fontelina bathing establishment with its magnificent view of the Faraglioni, Capri’s celebrated reference point. A rocking chair-lift will take you up the 589 m. to Monte Solaro with its fabulous view of the Amalfi Coast and Vesuvius. The path to the ruins of the Emperor Tiberius’s Villa Jovis, the most important example of Capri’s antiquity, winds through scrubland and along the steeep coastline. The Blue Grotto, too, is a “must”; the boatmen who steer the rowing boats through the narrow entrance are true artists. Inside, the water shines with a special blue thanks to the indirect reflection of the sun penetrating the grotto. And here, even the most adventurous fall prey to Caprimania, a chronic infatuation with the enchanting beauty of Capri for which there is no cure, whether you stay here for the rest of your days, without ever leaving the island, or simply come back whatever the occasion, year after year. Monika Mann, too, after the death of her lover a Capri fisherman called Antonio, decided to stay on the island for ever.

VIP International introduces two fantastic hotels:

- Villa Brunella, where dreams become reality.
“Welcome” – welcome to paradise. This is absolutely not an exaggeration. Mr. Vincenzo greets his guests at Villa Brunella with shining eyes. You look at him and you know nothing about him is false. He is the epitome of a hotelier, who can read the desires of his guests before they say a word. You can’t help feeling great among the flowers of Capri beside the Faraglioni. Villa Brunella is ideal for couples who are looking for an unforgettable holiday: an attentive manager, no celebrities, no paparazzi, absolute peace and one of the most beautiful sea views of the island. Twenty romantically furnished rooms surround terraces and magnificent gardens down to the swimming-pool. After your morning swim, breakfast of cappuccino and croissants is served on the panoramic terrace, or, if you wish, on the terrace of your room. Should you prefer not to join the confusion of the piazza in the evening you can choose to dine in the elegant hotel restaurant (open every day) with its extraordinary sea view, and enjoy the best that traditional Capri cuisine has to offer. We recommend “Linguine ai 3 colori” (thin tagliatelle with aubergines, zucchine and yellow peppers).

Casa Morgano – a small luxurious residence for romantics.
Fallen in love recently, or incurably romantic? Casa Morgano is the place for your holiday in Capri. Far from the elegant confusion of the Piazza you can enjoy the pleasing atmosphere and individual service of this terraced hotel. The untiring efforts of Sig. Nicolino Morgano, the owner of this small 4–star establishment are aimed at making guests feel immediately at home. But the charming way the rooms are furnished, with their huge baths, and the magnificent views of the sea or Certosa di San Giacomo from the terraces all contribute to the general sense of well-being. Lounging beside the pool among the cypresses and with a view of the sea, you have ideal surroundings while you tan and read the latest scandals, or a good book, with a plunge in the pool when things get too hot. A rich buffet breakfast is served in the pool restaurant in the morning, at lunch time you can taste the pasta and whatever else the most refined Italian cuisine has to offer. A sauna and well-being centre are available to guests in this small, luxurious residence on the south side of the island.