The island is elegant, and famous for the Blue Grotto, but also rich in nature and greenery. All of it can be visited on foot, to discover and experience magic moments.

I noticed a smell of lemon in the breeze, while I was walking. The island’s history goes back to the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Many emperors, including Augustus and Tiberius, built their own villas on the island. It has fascinated European nobility, artists and writers in modern times, too. Travel to Capri: ferries and hydrofoils from Naples to Marina Grande. Piazza Umberto II, reached by funicular from Marina Grande, is the centre of elegance on the island, and always full of people, day and night.

South of the Piazza there is the Park of Augustus, where one can admire the Faraglioni and the San Giacomo Carthusian monastery with its beautiful cloisters. In the east of the island there is the natural arch and the Villa Jovis where the emperor Tiberius often resided. To the west, there is Villa San Michele where Axel Munthe, the Swedish doctor and writer lived, which is decorated with works of art and ceramics.

Takeshi Morimoto