Top 10 Things to Do on Capri

Discover the wonders of the island

Top 10 Things to Do on Capri
Top 10 Things to Do on Capri
Top 10 Things to Do on Capri
Top 10 Things to Do on Capri
Top 10 Things to Do on Capri

1. Stroll the center of Capri

Visit the center of Capri to explore its winding streets, luxury shops, and outdoor caf├ęs. This is where you'll find the famous Piazzetta, the island's beating heart.

The Piazzetta of Capri

2. Take a boat trip around the island

With a boat trip you can admire the natural beauty of the island's coastline and sea caves, such as the famous Blue Grotto. You could also spot the iconic Faraglioni, Capri's distinctive rock formations.

Boat tour of the island

3. Visit Anacapri

Stroll through the streets of the charming town of Anacapri, take in the scenic view from above, and visit the Church of San Michele, famous for its majolica floor.

Anacapri and its center

4. Ride to the top of Mt. Solaro

Take the chairlift to Monte Solaro, the highest point of the island, and enjoy a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Naples and the Amalfi Coast.

Chairlift and Monte Solaro

5. Gardens of Augustus and Via Krupp

Visit the Gardens of Augustus, a panoramic park with a view of the Faraglioni and the port of Marina Piccola. Then stroll along Via Krupp, a scenic road that connects the gardens to Marina Piccola.

Gardens of Augustus

6. Villa Jovis

Explore the ruins of Villa Jovis, one of the residences of the Roman Emperor Tiberius, and learn about the history of the island during the Roman era.

Villa Jovis

7. Marina Grande and Marina Piccola

Relax on the beaches of Marina Grande and Marina Piccola, two of the main seaside areas of Capri. You can also take a dip in the crystal-clear waters or simply sunbathe on the beach.

The beaches of Capri

8. Sentiero dei Fortini Walking Trail

Walk the Sentiero dei Fortini, a picturesque excursion that connects the island's ancient watchtowers and forts that were built to protect it from pirate invasions.

Towers and forts

9. Taste local specialties

Sample local cuisine, such as insalata caprese (a salad made of fresh tomato, mozzarella, and basil) and ravioli capresi. Make sure you also try the famous limoncello di Capri, a locally made lemon-flavored liqueur.

Restaurants on Capri

10. The Blue Grotto

Hop on a rowboat and enter a fairytale cavern where floating is a bit like flying. It's an experience to last a lifetime!

The Blue Grotto of Capri